How to Use Color on Your Website Using Color Psychology and Meaning

Presently we’ve covered the basics of color theory, you ought to have the option to actualize it in your next project. To recap, here are the main points to consider:

  • Color decisions are fundamental for agreeable client experience. A viable shading plan can have an enormous effect to your clients and add to your site’s prosperity.
  • Depend on color theory to think of amicable ranges and locate the correct color combinations.
  • Color psychology is a powerful technique that can pass on an assortment of messages to client.
  • You ought to always research your target audience and test their color preferences.
  • Don’t be afraid to perform extra testing to set up whether your choice of color plan is ideal on all gadgets.


Red is a strong, energetic color. It can symbolize many emotions and ideas, both positive and negative. Users can associate it with love and passion red shows over passion for design and development.



Orange is a warm and happy color that reminds many users of friendliness, enthusiasm, and motivation. As seen in Suited & Booted, using a bold orange background for your website’s navigation screen can give off a creative and adventurous vibe.



Yellow is another warm color that symbolizes joy, happiness, and sunlight. When used strategically on your website, you can easily inject confidence and inspiration in your design.

Web Geniee has used this color for a client (solar company) well, strategically adding of yellow to create a happy feeling on its homepage:


Green is a positive and calm color widely associated with nature, ecology, and renewing energy. (designed by is a classic example of Green used.



Blue is a popular choice for many corporate brands as it symbolizes trust and reliability. It’s a calm, soothing color that can easily create a sense of freshness when highly saturated. Web Geniee Digital has used blue color in a yachts business website.


Purple has long been associated with royalty, luxury, and wealth, but it’s also a mysterious and magical color. Combining the energy of red and blue, it can be an excellent option if you want to convey a message of power and trustworthiness. For example, (designed by is a classic example of Purple used in a store business.


Pink is a youthful and romantic color, reminding users of everlasting love. It’s widely associated with sensitivity and femininity, and it can also be a bold statement color.


Black has many meanings and can evoke different feelings when used in combination with other colors. Western cultures will sometimes associate it with evil and death, while in the East, it symbolizes strength and wisdom.


White is a popular choice for modern, minimalist websites as it increases readability and pairs well with any color. The use of white space creates a feeling of cleanliness and light.

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